Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do before I tour the venue?  We recommend that before you tour the venue you should visit our Facebook site, make a list of questions for us, and pick one or two of the packages that you are interested in going over.  

What is your Payment Policy?  We require a $500.00 down payment. Then you will make monthly payments until one month before your wedding date. The last payment, 30 days before the event, will be 50% of the purchase price after the down payment. All payments are non-refundable. 

Do you offer Discounts?  Discounts are given for Fridays, Sundays, non-peak season dates, military couples, and so on. Discounts depend on season, wedding size and availability. 

Is there a Minimum are certain dates?   Yes. Bullock Springs Manor does have minimums set for peak season dates. 

Can vendors be removed from the packages?  Yes. The following vendors can be removed from the package at no additional charges: Wedding Cake, Flowers, Photographer and DJ. Also, with removing certain vendors there may be additional charges for services that normally are not charged separately.  

Do we allow Alcohol at the Venue?   Yes. A bar rental package must be purchased to serve alcohol at Bullock Springs Manor. The bar rental package includes: one bartender, one police officer, ice, plastic cups or glassware depending on your package, paper napkins, pickup, delivery and a fully decorated bar. The bar rental package cost $1,000.00. You keep all left over alcohol!

How many hours do I get the venue including set up and break down?  The time listed in the information includes setup and breakdown. All packages are from 10:00am to 11:00pm. All attendants and vendors cannot arrive before 10:00am and must leave the facility by 11:00pm, including Bullock Springs Manor vendors and employees. Additional hours can be purchased.

Is a standard Food and Cake Tasting provided?  Yes. Both the baker and the caterer provide a tasting. You will get one standard tasting at the planning meeting 90 days from your wedding date. The standard food tasting is a set menu and you are allowed to have four attendants including yourself. If you would like a private food tasting please let us know. The cost is $125.00 for four attendants. Additional tastings are $75.00 for four attendants and each additional attendant is $25.00. 

Please call to schedule a tour for more information!